University of Missouri

Leadership Development

Office of Student Engagement


Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program is a co-curricular experience set up to reward student involvement and leadership on campus. Nearly all forms of involvement qualify to earn points. Participants complete reflections documenting their leadership and involvement experiences. The leadership certificate program is tracked through OrgSync.


About the Certificate

The Leadership Certificate Program is designed to encourage students to get involved on campus at the University of Missouri. Students will be provided with resources to help them connect their out-of-class leadership experience with their academic work and career goals. The Leadership Certificate serves as a self-designed co-curricular model for each student to structure their experience around personal interests and career ambitions. Students will be awarded points for involvement on-campus and in the community.

Tracking your Involvement

During the initial meeting, a Leadership Certificate Advisor will explain the tracking system and the requirements to complete the certificate. This initial meeting is required in order to participate in the program. Students are ultimately responsible for tracking their own involvement. This will be done by keeping updated records in OrgSync, scheduling Leadership Coach meetings, and scheduling an exit interview.

Required Elements

  1. Certificate Registration
  2. Leadership Competency Assessment, Strengthsquest, True Colors and Personal Development Plan
  3. Campus & Community Engagement
  4. Campus and & Community Organization Leadership/Involvement
  5. Leadership Coach Meetings
  6. Training and Workshops
  7. Leadership Course
  8. Leadership Portfolio & Exit Interview

For the Exit Interview the student should prepare to discuss their experience in the program, what they have gained and learned through campus involvement and their goals for the future. An appointment should be made with a leadership advisor before spring break in order to receive the certificate that year at the Chancellor’s Excellence Awards. Students wishing to receive their certificate in December should submit all required materials to OrgSync and attend their exit interview before Thanksgiving break.

For questions, please email or call 573-882-8585.

I was able to reflect on my experiences and see that I too am a leader. I didn’t see myself as one before I started the certificate, but now I can see that. I am able to speak to experiences that I have had outside of class and use them as examples in job and grad school interviews.Molly Pershing ‘13