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Various applications are available through our site and the websites’ of the programs we offer. Click the links below to complete any of the applications.


  • Note: Applications are posted here when they become available. For information regarding applications when they are not open, please see the program’s main page.

 Involvement Ambassadors

If you’re interested in learning about more ways you can get involved at Mizzou we recommend sitting down with an Involvement Ambassador. Learn more or contact them.

Leadership Workshops

The Office of Leadership Development holds workshops upon request for groups of Mizzou students, staff and faculty through our Leader Peer Educator facilitations. We also offer these same workshops to off-campus groups such as K-12 students, non-profits, and businesses. While we are able to create programs to cater to your group, we do have some standard presentations which we give quite often.

  • Decision Making
  • Difficult Dialogues
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Mission in Mind
  • Myths of Leadership
  • Organization Transitions
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Student Leadership Panel
  • True Colors
  • Values into Action
  • What’s My Leadership Style?

Find out more about these workshops.

Teambuilding with Venture Out

The Office of Leadership Development provides teambuilding opportunities through Venture Out, an office located within the Center. Venture Out works with students, businesses, public schools, and non-profits throughout the year. They are open from sunup to sundown.

Venture Out specializes in group teambuilding utilizing low and high rope courses. Low ropes include a number of activities on the ground as well as elements which a group must navigate and complete. High ropes courses use low rope elements but include climbing a 60 foot climbing tower or use of the Odyssey High Ropes Course.

All courses are supervised by trained facilitators and can be held at the Venture Out Complex, on campus or off-site. There is a cost associated with these programs for any group.

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