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Office of Leadership Development

The Office of Leadership Development at the University of Missouri provides leadership and service programs for our students. We serve as the principal resource on campus for student leadership development and service. We partner with others to train, educate, and develop citizens for purposeful leadership and service.

Our Mission

We serve as a resource that provides opportunities for students to develop as leaders and participate in direct service, while preparing them to actively engage as citizens in the global community.

Our Vision

Our Office aims to inspire students to become active citizens.

Our Values

Active Citizenship

Students are encouraged to make a difference and create positive change in their community through leadership and direct service initiatives. We provide opportunities for students to recognize the impact they can generate and we strive to inspire them to make the world a better place.


We make every effort to build a sense of community that enhances the Mizzou student experience by maintaining a strong working relationship with students and stakeholders.

Diversity and Inclusion

We serve as a place where students are valued for who they are, for the experiences they bring with them, and for what they offer, by providing a welcoming environment to all. Access to opportunities is available for all Mizzou students.


Our students gain valuable skills that are vital for their personal growth and self-discovery through developmental practices. Students are encouraged to actively participate in meaningful learning experiences within distinctive learning environments. Thereby, students will understand key concepts and incorporate them into their daily lives.


We provide students with resources and opportunities to discover new ideas and explore their passions; we challenge students to develop academic and personal goals while giving them the support to succeed.


We strive to provide an environment that focuses on student development. As such, we intentionally provide hands-on experiences and promote reflection to foster student learning and growth. Each initiative aims to encourage a better understanding of self and others.

Our Philosophy

We believe leadership and service are interrelated. All students have the capacity to exercise leadership skills and engage with their campus and community. Our programs and services are intentionally designed to equip students with the skills needed to prepare them for active citizenship.

We believe leadership can be learned. Leadership is neither innate, nor positional. Each student has the potential to become an effective leader; however, students must first seek to understand themselves before they can be understood by others. This is accomplished by providing a variety of programs and services that challenge students to think critically, increase self-awareness, and empower them to become socially conscious leaders. Such an environment allows students to flourish in their own personal leadership development.

We believe service plays a key role in the development of students. Critical to this belief is direct student interaction with the community to affect positive change and understand the impact their service has on others. We strive to provide our students with opportunities to participate in mutually beneficial partnerships between the campus and the global community. As a result, these relationships contribute to student learning, as well as help to alleviate social needs.

Active Citizenship, at its core, is about working collaboratively with others to cultivate positive change. Our focus is preparing students to lead with integrity and value others by exposing them to a variety of experiences that promote personal growth and enhance awareness of social issues. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide students with direct service and leadership opportunities in order to be the catalyst for personal development. By doing so, this allows students to gain valuable knowledge, helping them to understand the impact they have during their time at Mizzou and beyond.

The Office of Leadership Development is an office in the Department of Student Life.