Chancellor’s Excellence Awards

The Chancellor’s Excellence Awards were created to honor Excellence, one of our 4 core values at the University of Missouri, the Value states that “We aspire to an excellence which is approached through diligent effort, both individual and collective. Pursuing excellence means being satisfied with no less than the highest goals we can envision. Pursuing excellence involves being informed by regional, national, and global standards, as well as our personal expectations. We recognize and accept the sacrifices, risks, and responsibilities involved in pursuing excellence, and so we celebrate each other’s successes. We commit ourselves to this process in an ethical and moral manner.”

Date of the Award Night:
April 2016
This event exists to recognize outstanding students and staff who have exemplified Excellence through their Leadership and Involvement on campus and in the community. The awards ceremony itself takes place in the spring semester, typically in April. All award winners are invited to a dinner hosted by the Department of Student Life. The dinner is a celebration of the year with addresses from prominent campus officials and various Student Life staff.

There are a number of individual and student organization awards which recognize students across Mizzou’s campus. Below is a list of each award. When nominations are open you will be able to select the award you wish to nominate for below. All awards recipients will be invited to the Chancellor’s Excellence Award Ceremony in April.

Individual Awards
University Leadership Award
Community Service Leadership Award
Graduate Student Leadership Award
Outstanding Senior Leadership Award
Emerging Leadership Award
Multicultural Leadership Award

Organization Awards
Best New Organization
Most Improved Organization
Most Outstanding Small Organization
Most Outstanding Large Organization
Most Outstanding Advisor

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